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An opportune meeting

It all began on a jetty at Hunnebostrand.

where Australian Scott Larson and Dick Malm met at a family reunion. While they watched the sun set over the horizon, Scott explained about a world patent he had with a companion for a back to a chair. Could this be something for Sweden? It could. There was no other work chair like it. But today there is: Malmstolen. What started as a few office chairs next to a ping pong table in the Malm family cellar has today grown into one of the leading companies in Swedish ergonomics. The Malmstolen has found its market not just in Sweden but also in several European countries where companies are looking to create ergonomically sound workplaces for their employees. And most people who have tried sitting in a Malmstol chair, want to remain sitting.

Research and knowledge

The aim has been to develop ergonomic work and office chairs that prevent and alleviate musculoskeletal disorders that are often caused by sitting. To ensure this happens, Malmstolen monitors the research and development that is being conducted in stress ergonomics both here in Sweden and abroad. With this in mind, the fields of biomechanics, physiology and neurophysiology are particularly important.

Most people who have tried sitting in a Malmstol chair, want to remain sitting. For a long time.

However, in order to profit from the results of research you need more than just manufacturing specialists. The reseller must have the same mindset and expertise on ergonomics to enable the customer to fully benefit from the qualities of the chair. For this very reason Malmstolen have been meticulous in its selection of resellers to ensure each customer receives sound advice and a good service.

Ready for the future

Research is being constantly advanced. New findings will affect the appearance of our work implements in the future. Designs will be enhanced and tweaked. Whatever the future has in store, our factory in Hunnebostrand is ready to implement any new concepts. Because it is here the Malmstolen chair is made. On the West coast just a few hundred metres from the jetty where everything started when a few cousins happen to meet up…