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Most things go fast,
the best things take time

Manufacturing a good ergonomic work chair requires professional expertise and craftsmanship. And perhaps more importantly, it requires commitment. Something the cutters, seamstresses, upholsterers and fitters at Malmstolen have in abundance. Pride and job satisfaction permeates the Malmstolen factory in Hunnebostrand. From concept sketch to packaging of the finished chair.

At Malmstolen every detail is important. The fabrics are carefully selected and each seam is tested for optimum performance. The upholsterers give each chair the correct finish. Each small component is given the same care. You will notice this when you sit in Malmstolen.

Better and better, day by day

We are confident that genuine craftsmanship can be combined with modern efficiency. Malmstolen has been working for many years with LEAN Production whereby we are gradually dispensing with the elements of production that do not create value for our customers.

This work covers all employees. The creativity of craftsmen really comes into its own when we gradually streamline production and reduce resource consumption. As a result, we can manufacture ergonomic work chairs with minimal waste. This is good for the environment, and saves cost and human input.

Developing together is part of our work. This means we are constantly improving and becoming more efficient.

We do not compromise

We have made this decision. We do not compromise on quality. And we do not compromise our scientific basis. We do not design basic office chairs and only manufacture chairs with the ergonomic quality a modern working life requires.

You can be sure that the chair you choose is not just comfortable today, but will continue to give you support, relief, relaxation and freedom of movement for many years to come. Every detail has a function and has been quality-checked several times before the chair reaches you.

I fabriken på HunnebrostrandWe assume responsibility for you sitting well

You should feel good in your office chair for long periods. It must support all the moves you make every day. This is what Malmstolen does. Every part is tested and selected to ensure you sit comfortably in your chair for many years. For this reason, you get a 10 year warranty on your ergonomic work chair from Malmstolen, and a 5 year warranty on your office chair for 24-hour use.