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Equipped to suit everyone

Malmstolen can be equipped to operate in all workplaces. Select the accessories that suit your work tasks and you will feel comfortable and sit well.



Select castors to suit the floor at your workplace. Soft castors for hard floors and hard castors for soft floors to ensure the chair does not roll too easily or too sluggishly depending on the floor. A base in aluminium is available in two versions – polished or painted black.

Folding neckrest

The folding neckrest is practical when you lean backwards. It relieves your neck and neck muscles. The support is height adjustable and has a dual joint design that makes it possible to move the support forwards to your head.

Tilt limiter

All our chairs can be tilted forwards. However, not everyone likes this feature, so we have developed a tilt limiter for Malmstolen 4000 and R4 that prevents the knee-tilt mechanism from coming further than horizontal position.


If your workplace is set correctly, your desktop is often the best relief surface for your arms. However, the armrests can also serve as a convenient way of varying your working position.

  • Corona Plus
    Slightly longer armrests with a rounder design. The pad is moveable forward/backward.
  • ErgoFlex
    Armrests that slide in depth and rotate 25° inwardly to the rotation point below the elbow.

Pascal by the DUX® seat

Our Pascal by DUX® seat is part of the secret behind our comfortable chairs. The larger the contact surface your body weight is distributed over, the better you will sit. Our Pascal® by DUX seat has been developed together with Swedish DUX and shapes itself to the user. It provides superior load distribution and comfort compared to conventional seats. You will find the pressure measurements and tests of our chairs here.