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Ergonomics = SAAR

Your chair is your work tool. It must help you do your job by giving you support and relief. While you should also be able to relax and move around easily. Malmstolen AB develops all of its work chairs based on these very criteria. We call it SAAR (SRRM in English).




Sitting is not a natural posture. Without support, the body quickly sinks even if we try to think about sitting correctly. Good support keeps the upper body naturally erect, the spine will automatically assume the right shape, muscular effort is minimised and the load on the dorsal disks is more evenly balanced. But we are all made differently, so support of this type must be adapted to suit the individual.



When we sit down it is mainly the upper body that is under strain. If the back gets help to maintain its natural profile, the load reduces. A backrest that follows the contours of your body and a seat that distributes the weight of your body over the largest possible area provides excellent relief. Pretty obvious really, isn't it?



When you sit, the chances are you tense different parts of the body. A chair that provides support and relief helps you relax and you do not need to tense your muscles to keep upright. Blood will circulate easier if your muscles are relaxed. This contributes to better replacement of nutrients and oxygen in the body. A seat that distributes your weight over a larger area also means better blood circulation.



Our bodies want to move and, in a good chair, your body moves naturally when you reach for the telephone, move closer to your desk or lean back. When we combine support, relief and relaxation with movement, blood circulation is further stimulated.