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Our systems

All Malmstolen design systems are based on four criteria that a work chair must meet to ensure it is a useful work implement: Support, Relief, Relaxation and Movement. We call it SAAR (SRRM in English).

Therapod systemClassic System - unique self-shaping backrest

Classic System is the name of the updated version of the back construction for this serial. With the four elastic straps, the backrest shapes itself according to the natural back profile of the user. At the same time, the backrest has a very large contact surface which provides support and thereby relief.

The normal setting suits 80-85 % of all users. But for people who have, for example, a very deep lumbar region there is the option of adjusting the straps to ensure they suit the individual back profile exactly and provide maximum relief.


RelActive system

RelActive System – we are all different

The RelActive System is a patent-pending design developed in cooperation with the Swedish DUX company. By using a resilient system the backrest is, in about 95 % of cases, able to shape itself to the user's natural back profile without any adjustment. This gives a very high comfort level as this adaptability means that the body gets support and relief to a degree which is hard to beat. With adequate support and excellent relief, it is much easier to relax your muscles which facilitates blood circulation. The word “RelActive” is a merger of the words Relax and Active. These are two very important factors for ergonomic sitting in chairs, and in this system they have been combined to reach a new level.


HiActive system

HiActive System

HiActive is our most recently developed system for sitting at a greater height that can match height adjustable desks perfectly. The system has been developed based on our cornerstones SAAR, i.e. by avoiding damaging static loads, the chair offers greater mobility while still providing support that ensures relief and relaxation. A tall, narrow backrest and a centred knee-tilt mechanism that follows every movement also provides a slightly backward leaning sitting posture that gives excellent relief and greater opportunities for variation than other sit stand chairs. The shape of the saddle seat provides good pressure distribution between the sitting bones and inner thighs. This is especially important for this type of sitting.