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Classic classic comfort - timeless design

You require high sitting comfort. You probably care as much about performance as you do about design, and in your administrative work a good sitting position is the number one priority. Then this is the chair for you. Classic is available in three models, with both high and medium back.

  • Model 4000

    just for you

    You enjoy very good seating comfort with a chair that balances your body in your preferred position. Model 4000 is a knee-tilt model work chair where the movement shaft is located… Read more

  • Model 7000

    excellent for multiple users

    With its two controls, and a handle on the side to set the torsion of the knee-tilt mechanism, this model is really easy to use. Your body enjoys excellent relief… Read more

  • Model 6000

    for the precise user

    You are in total control of the movement with a work chair without a knee-tilt mechanism. Make the changes you want and then lock the chair in the preferred position.… Read more