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Model 7000excellent for multiple users

With its two controls, and a handle on the side to set the torsion of the knee-tilt mechanism, this model is really easy to use. Your body enjoys excellent relief and good support from the chair, even where the chair has multiple users.
Model 7000 is an ergonomic work chair with syncroglide knee-tilt, which means that the backrest moves around twice as much as the seat when tilting. Moreover, the seat slides backwards when you tilt backwards, which differs from the majority of other chairs with synchronous knee-tilt. This means your back is in constant contact with the backrest. The motion of the knee-tilt mechanism also means that the angle of your hip opens and then closes when you tilt forwards again which stimulates blood circulation in your torso.

  • The scope of movement of the knee-tilt mechanism is around 15° backwards and 2° forwards
  • The backrest is vertically adjustable
  • The seat is vertically adjustable
  • Seat depth adjustment in six positions in a range of 8 cm
  • Available in ESD design
  • Approved for 24 hour use

A standard chair is fitted with castors for soft floors, black lacquered base and resilient foam seat.

Setup guide Product_sheet-2018-Mstolen7000-eng
System Classic
Tilt syncroglide
Tilt range 15° backwards, 2° forwards
Seat height approx. 45-54 cm
Seat depth setting 6 positions / 8 cm
Backrest setting variable / approx. 15 cm
Backrest incline variable
Seat D: 46 cm W: 47 cm
Backrest High H: 61 cm W: 42 cm
Backrest Medium H: 49 cm W: 42 cm
Chair base 72 cm diameter
Maximum user weight 110 kg
Wheels for hard floors Yes
Gas column higher/lower
Polished base Yes
Pascal by DUX seat Yes
Jointed neckrest Yes with high back
Armrest Corona Plus/ ErgoFlex
Tilt stop No
Foot ring No