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Flexible always on the go

As you are not sitting all the time, you need a flexible ergonomic chair of high quality. You want to be able to sit comfortably regardless of your position and move around quickly and easily when needed.

The saddle seat distributes your weight between the sitting bones and thighs. The backrest provides excellent support without restricting your movement. The centred knee-tilt mechanism makes the chair very responsive.

Film: "Why do Malmstolen High5 have a backrest?"

  • Model High5

    A real treat for those who have trouble sitting still

    You get temporary respite from the hustle and bustle, or support and relaxation when you plan to sit for a while. High5 is a seating solution that reduces the stresses… Read more

  • Model R2

    Always on the go

    Adjust the seat height and, if necessary, the backrest height of the Malmsto-len R2 and your office chair is ready to use. The first time you sit on this chair,… Read more