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Model High5A real treat for those who have trouble sitting still

You get temporary respite from the hustle and bustle, or support and relaxation when you plan to sit for a while. High5 is a seating solution that reduces the stresses the body is easily exposed to by other so-called sit stand chairs, but still keeps the possibility for movement and variation. Malmstolen High5 optimises your weight distribution between the sitting bones and inner thighs, while offering a variety of sitting positions.

The seat's front section provides temporary support and rest in the upright position. If you jump into the seat, the high, narrow backrest provides excellent support, relief and relaxation. Either way, movement remains intact thanks to the built-in tilting mechanism. You enjoy natural movements and better blood circulation into the bargain.

  • The chair is vertically adjustable. The standard for the seat height is about 60-80 cm
  • Seat depth adjustment 8 cm
  • The backrest is vertically adjustable 10 cm
  • The angle between the backrest and seat is infinitely adjustable
  • The neckrest is available as an accessory, adjustable in height, depth and contact angle to the head
  • Built-in tilting mechanism, can be adjusted to suit the weight of the user

A standard chair is fitted with castors for soft floors, black lacquered base and resilient foam seat with LiquiCell membrane.

Setup guide Deutsch
System HiActive
Tilt centered tilt
Scope of knee-tilt 10° backwards
Seat height about 58 – 79 cm
Seat depth settings 6 positions / 8 cm
Backrest settings 8 stages / approx. 10 cm
Backrest incline variable
Seat D: 40 cm W: 42 cm
Backrest H 61 cm W: 38 cm
Chair Vase 72 cm diameter
Maximum user weight 110 kg
Wheels for hard floors Yes
Gas column higher/lower
Polished base Yes
Pascal by DUX seat No
Armrests No
Joint neckrest Yes