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Premium capturing the spirit of the age

You know what a good sitting position means. Ergonomics and functionality are important to you and you want the best. You know what that little extra means. And the things that feel a little more 'right'.

The resilient backrest moulds to your back without any adjustments. This provides comfort, support and relief to an extent that is difficult to surpass.

  • Model R4

    for those who want their chair in peace

    Freedom of movement and seating comfort. The self-shaping RelActive-backrest with ZenXit offers an ergonomic work chair with excellent support and relief. A knee-tilt function, which when set correctly to match… Read more

  • Model R7

    Ideal for multiple users

    A chair with just a few settings designed for multiple users. The syncroglide knee-tilt mechanism allows the backrest to move about twice as much as the seat when you tilt… Read more