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Model R4for those who want their chair in peace

Freedom of movement and seating comfort. The self-shaping RelActive-backrest with ZenXit offers an ergonomic work chair with excellent support and relief. A knee-tilt function, which when set correctly to match the weight of the user, provides almost perfect balance. It stops and balances your body exactly in the position you desire.

The seat has a gently rounded waterfall front to help reduce pressure on nerves and blood vessels in the knees. The seat also has a gel membrane which reduces the effect of the shear force – “slide-forward force” - and further improves weight distribution.

  • The torsion of the knee-tilt mechanism can be adjusted with consideration taken to the weight of the user
  • The scope of movement of the knee-tilt mechanism is around 17° backwards and 4° forwards
  • The backrest is vertically adjustable and can be set at any angle
  • The seat height is infinitely variable
  • Sittdjupsjustering i sex lägen inom ett område av 8 cm
  • Approved for 24 hour use

A standard chair is fitted with castors for soft floors, black lacquered base and resilient foam seat with LiquiCell membrane.

Setup guide Deutsch
System RelActive
Tilt knee-tilt mechanism
Tilt range 17° backwards, 4° forwards
Seat height approx. 45-55 cm
Seat depth setting 6 positions / 8 cm
Backrest setting 8 stages /approx. 10 cm
Backrest incline variable
Seat D: 46 cm W: 47 cm
Backrest High H: 61 cm W: 42 cm
Backrest Medium H: 49 cm W: 41 cm
Chair base 72 cm diameter
Maximum user weight 110 kg
Wheels for hard floors Yes
Gas column higher/lower
Polished base Yes
Pascal by DUX-säte Yes
Jointed headrest Yes
Armrests Corona Plus/ ErgoFlex
Tilt stop Yes
  • Swedish craftsmanship

    Building a good ergonomic work chair requires professional expertise and craftsmanship. And commitment. Something the cutters, seamstresses, upholsterers and fitters at Malmstolen have in abundance. Pride and job satisfaction permeates the Malmstolen factory in Hunnebostrand. From concept sketch to finished work chair.

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