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Model R7Ideal for multiple users

A chair with just a few settings designed for multiple users. The syncroglide knee-tilt mechanism allows the backrest to move about twice as much as the seat when you tilt Unlike similar chairs, the seat slides back in a rocking motion. As a result, your back is always in contact with the backrest. The rocking movement opens and closes your hip angle, which stimulates blood circulation in the torso.

The RelActive-backrest with ZenXit offers supple resilience that automatically adapts to suit the user's back. The seat has a gently rounded waterfall front to help reduce pressure on nerves and blood vessels in the knees. The seat has a gel membrane which reduces the effect of the shear force - "slide-forward force" - and further improves weight distribution.

  • The scope of movement of the knee-tilt mechanism is around 15° backwards and 2° forwards
  • The backrest is vertically adjustable
  • The seat is vertically adjustable
  • Seat depth adjustment in six positions over a range of 8 cm
  • Approved for 24 hour use

A standard chair is fitted with castors for soft floors, black lacquered base and resilient foam seat with LiquiCell membrane.

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System RelActive
Tilt syncroglide
Tilt range 15° backwards, 2° forwards
Seat height approx. 45-54 cm
Seat depth setting 6 positions / 8 cm
Backrest setting 8 stages / approx. 10 cm
Backrest incline variable
Seat D: 46 cm W: 47 cm
Backrest High H: 61 cm W: 42 cm
Backrest Medium H: 49 cm W: 41 cm
Chair Base 72 cm diameter
Maximum user weight 110 kg
Wheels for hard floors Yes
Gas column higher/lower
Polished chair base Yes
Pascal by DUX-säte Yes
Jointed headrest Yes
Armrest Corona Plus/ ErgoFlex
Tilt stop No